Twittadas da semana 2009-07-26

  • @Biachan Depois me conta se vc gostou! ;) in reply to Biachan #
  • Since January swine flu has claimed 429 lives worldwide, regular flu has killed 13,000 in America alone. #swineflu #
  • Sunday Express: There’s too much hype, too much scare-mongering and, for me, it has all been overblown. Why w… #swineflu #
  • Cars, driving, Jeremy Clarkson, James May, Richard Hammond – Watching BBC Top Gear #
  • @brunokaneoya Thanks!! :-) in reply to brunokaneoya #
  • @cissadonner Xi Cissa vai ficar gande em vc, principalmente na bunda!! eheheh in reply to cissadonner #
  • As fontes mais usadas nos logos do principais sites da internet | Build Internet! #
  • Alice in Wonderland: A história é aquela mesmo que você conhece desde criança mas a adaptação ganhou um tom mais sombrio. #
  • BBQ for 2, sunny and warm saturday! #
  • 20 Magda, by Jimmy: Photos e Fatos posted a photo: #
  • 20 Jimmy, by himself: Photos e Fatos posted a photo: #
  • 20 Jimmy, by himself: Photos e Fatos posted a photo: #
  • 20 work mates: Photos e Fatos posted a photo:

    Adelaide, Magda, Ilca and I #

  • 20 Take 1: Photos e Fatos posted a photo: #
  • @lilibollero aha! Cool! in reply to lilibollero #
  • @cissadonner Eu quero!! Vamos? in reply to cissadonner #
  • Tempestade, raios, relampagos e chuva de pedra, e eu pedalando na aula de spin! #
  • .:photos&fatos:. post: Randon #
  • 38 minutes to go Home!!!!!!!!!!! #
  • They say money does not buy you happiness, however, who can explain why anyone with out money, or ways to get it, is so unhappy?? #
  • I guess rain always fall on who doesn't have a umbrella. #
  • I wish there was a magic pill or something like that to put me to sleep and just be awake when a good news came thruogh my door. I wish! #
  • Sometimes I think I am living a groundhog day… #
  • Assistindo Toughguy 2009, #
  • Again… From Twitter to Facebook this time #
  • I love integration! From Facebook to Twiiter. Testing… #
  • 20 My Mum&Dad's wedding: Photos e Fatos posted a photo:

    My mum was a rebel and very pretty girl, she married.. #

  • 20 My Mum&Dad's Wedding: Photos e Fatos posted a photo:

    I would like to believe that one day they were reall.. #

  • .:photos&fatos:. post: AleB no #

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